I045 – Issue # 45 Diablo’s Wagon


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Issue 45 Toc 2

Life is full of choices. Each day we have to thread our way through the thorny bush of life and pick the right path. Some decisions are easier than others, and some? Not so much. When it comes to building a car, those decisions stack up until it becomes a rolling summary of the paths taken. For Tommy Herrera, or “Diablo” of Diablo’s House of Style, this wagon is his reward for choosing wisely. You know everyone in Bakersfield has a nickname…

Anyways. For those of you who think pushing flat black cars for ten years makes you “old school,” Diablo has ya beat by about ten more. He was hooked on early rods and customs and landed this wagon in the early 1990s. It’s also been bag-free, using stepped control arms and blocks out back to get on down. It was lowered and flamed with the help of his buddy and pinstripe and artist inspiration “Krazy Keith” Adamo. “He changed my life,” he says.

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