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When John DAgostino researched words related to teal green, he ran across the word Pantheon. The instance he found was describing Poseidon and other Greek gods. Somewhere in the text was the phrase Sea of Gods and it all just seemed to click. Generally a Pantheon is a temple of all gods, and if the twelve Olympian deities of Greek Mythology wanted to gather and cruise the boulevard, this 1968 Buick Riviera would surely be a fine choice.

Our story begins on the streets of Brentwood in Northern California. It was there John first saw the Buick, parked along the curb and slammed to the ground. It was all black, inside and out, and it was air-bagged, says John. I could tell it was a solid car, so I turned around, found the owner, and bought it later that day. With only 56,000 original miles and a clean California life, his new Riviera was the perfect start for a unique project.

It was taken to Oz Welch of Oz Kustoms in Oroville, California. Oz is the man behind the magic on most of Johns top-shelf builds and he really dug the thought of customizing the 1968.

Read the rest of the story in TRKI Issue # 42

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