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Generally hot rodders in an area the Illinois locals call corn country import their rust free cars from California. However, Rich Metteer of San Diego did just the opposite, and shipped his farm fresh 40 Plymouth westward.

He has owned several cars over the years, and like many folks, he had been stashing one day parts along the way. He had recently completed a chopper, and a 52 Ford custom, but it just was not ringing his bell. With dreams of a 40 Ford he began combing the Internet for a suitable base for a custom build. He stumbled across an old ad for a 1940 Plymouth, a car he had thought very little about prior to his discovery. It sat a little high, and the top was a little too bubbly as he puts it, but it tugged at his soul and he pulled a few photos into Photoshop and gave it a quick chop and drop.

The new profile won him over and he revisited the ad, discovering it to be three months old. Fortunately it was still available, and had quite a back-story. It seems the car was owned by a farmer who drove it until he grew old enough to worry his family and back into something, damaging the rear quarter. His family pulled the distributor and diagnosed it as dead when he tried to drive it again. It was retired to the barn and forgotten about. That year was 1960. It slumbered untouched and forgotten until the old mans son decided to sell the farm. It was rediscovered and sold to a guy named Tom, the owner who had placed the ad. Tom had scrubbed off the decades of dust and chicken crap, exposing the exterior to the elements. It sat outside in the elements waiting its turn under Toms wrenches. However, Tom had recently been diagnosed with cancer so he decided to thin the herd as his treatment started. The 40 Plymouth was placed on a flatbed after negotiations with Rich and shipped to San Diego.

Rich says upon delivery he discovered that the washed and exposed exterior had turned a discerning shade of flash rust red. Fearing the worst, he was relieved to find most of the original paint underneath the rust flash. Prior to the cars arrival Rich had sold off his 52 Ford, the chopper, and stash of parts. It was odd starting a project with a lot of money, he says. In the past I had to build them as I earned the cash.

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