I038 – Issue # 38 – Marcus Edell’s Mother Lode


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When Marcus Edell sat down once again at his computer, mining through a myriad of websites, he had no idea that his quest for vintage tin would actually yield gold. Like many miners, patience is key. Coming up with a genuine discovery is rewarded only after chasing many frustrating false starts. As he pulled up one more listing for hot rods, a few poor quality photographs of an old truck buried deep in a storage unit caught his attention. The nose was distinctively 1950’s F100. The paint looked custom from a bygone era.

Immediate phone calls helped Marcus learn an oft repeated description heard these days: Adult kids had just lost their Dad, and were cleaning out his old stuff from long-term storage. The Dad had purchased the truck in the ’70s, and it had been put away in an airplane hangar in San Leandro. The kids had no interest in the old truck, so had it pulled out and sent to Acme Auto Repair (editor question: Where was Wiley E. Coyote?). Marcus drove to Acme quicker than any roadrunner, to meet the kids there.

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