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When Lance Owens picked up this 1959 Impala he had no idea that it would lead to a small collection. “I just really like the style of the ’59s,” he says, “and over the years after this one, I ended up trying to get one of each body style, including a Nomad wagon.”

His adventure with this convertible began in 1997 or ’98, and eBay. The seller had three ’59s in all, and was in Canada. Understanding that a solid convertible is hard to find, Lance made the trek north to collect his win. “He actually had three cars and I was trying to buy them all,” he says. “But between the time we talked and I got there he must have talked to somebody about their value, and I went home with only one.”

Read the rest of this article in ISSUE 36: LANCE OWENS’ ROSEBUD

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