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The blue gasser rumbles up to the line and does a thunderous burnout. The straight-axled front suspension pushes the car’s weight to the wide slicks poking past radiused wheel openings. The white headers bellow under the compression as the car stages in the fading tire smoke and the Christmas tree comes alive. In a split second before the green light blinks the car squats on its haunches and then blasts off. Ten seconds later the win light comes on as the 1948 Oldsmobile Woodie scorches the traps at 150 miles per hour, trailing by a giant parachute…Wait…What? An Oldsmobile Woodie??

Surely the Super Woodie took many fence crows by surprise in its heyday. While it might look like a Roth T-shirt that came to life, it was in fact a reality. It ran on nitro, it had a parachute, and it hauled butt. Its creator Jeff Courtie would go on to become a So-Cal funny car legend in his own right, known for having cars that were as beautifully crafted as they were fast. The Super Woodie, as it is called, was the catalyst that changed the course of Jeff’s life.

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