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Every old car has a story to tell, and as they bob along on the surface of time they rise and fall off the radar. The older the car, the more chance it has of being modified, and for a car like Axle Idzardi’s 1940 Willys to retain most of the essence from its heyday is a rare treat indeed. Behind every great racecar is a man with a vision, and for this Willys that man was a California Highway Patrol officer named Dave McDannel. We may never know who purchased the Willys brand new, or how it came to rest in a parking lot across from the Sacramento Fairgrounds in 1963 with a “Parking 50 cents” sign on its windshield, but that is where our story begins. Dave was up from Pasadena and looking for a place to park when he spotted the car. It was in a front yard right across the street from the fairgrounds and he quickly found the owner. He told him he didn’t want to park – he wanted to buy the car. The owner said the car wasn’t for sale because he needed it to hold the sign and attract attention.

Read the rest of the article in Traditional Rod & Kulture Issue #32.

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