I030 – Issue # 30 – Kiwi Kev’s Nasty Habit


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With a name like KIWIKEV, it’s clear that Kevin Perry is not a Ventura, California native. Gut that is exactly where he knew he was going to end up as he worked his way through childhood. He was fascinated by cars and drag racing, and had an admiration for Willys coupes. Every man has his dream car, and the hard charging gasser Willys of the ’60s was his. In the days before the internet magazine articles were the only way to catch glimpses of these mighty vehicles. He cut and saved articles, pictures and features of the cars he liked and put them into albums for reference. “Now you just punch up Willys on the internet and your can find hundreds of pictures,” he says.

He left his native New Zealand in 1980 and made his way to California. It wasn’t long before he established himself in the hot rodding scene as a craftsman and fabricator.

Read more of this article in Traditional Rod & Kulture Issue #30.

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