I003 – Issue # 3 – Drag Car Survivor – Back Issue


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Art and George Walter’s Drag Deuce, as told to Spike Kilmer. Here’s another Hot Rod story, and a good one too, straight from the original owners. This is the story of an early 50’s Drag Car Survivor, The Walters Coupe…

While growing up Art and George were brought up on a farm in Hatfield, PA and became fascinated with gas power and mechanical machines such as tractors at an early age. Tractors had limited power and it took time to plow a field, so George often thought that it would be better to get the job done quicker. “After Art and I obtained our driving license we heard people talking about ‘souping up’ engines to go faster and quicker which caught our attention.”


Read the rest of the story in TRKI Issue # 3

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