I028 – Issue # 28 – Greg Lazzerini’s ’34


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While cars, shot on the salts of Bonneville always look good, there couldn’t have been a better place for Greg Lazzerini’s latest acquisition to be featured. It was Bonneville that caused the car’s near fifty year storage, and it was Bonneville that gave Greg a lead back to the car’s original owner. Bonneville was the car’s intended destination in the ’60s, and it finally made it there, forty-nine years later.

We will rewind the clock a bit to a conversation Greg had with a buddy about a car that was for sale. Greg has a knack for kicking over rocks and finding gems, and does not hesitate to track down any leads. Rumor had it that a guy had a coupe for sale. It had been his dad’s car, not ran since the ’60s, and he wanted to sell it to raise funds for a Corvette.

Read more in Traditional Rod & Kulture issue #28.

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