I027 – Issue # 27 – Gene Winfield’s Strip Star


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Ask Custom legend Gene Winfield to choose a favorite out of all the cars that he has built and the hand built aluminum bodied Strip Star is one that is high on the list. In 1964, this was one of the most radical cars on the planet.

Gene started his career with his brothers founding the Winfield Brother’s Service as a small repair shop and car lot adventure where he painted his first car at the age of 15-outside. He would renovate the chicken house behind his mother’s home in 1946 for his first shop and move to Modesto in 1955 where he helped the blossoming custom car movement explode.

He had been doing small fade away paint jobs on bikes, and laid his first automotive fade on a brand new ’57 Chevy in 1957. He would hone and perfect his technique, moving on to icons such as the Jade Idol and many Mercurys.

Read the rest of the article in Traditional Rod & Kulture issue #27.

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