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What is a Revolution? Well, throughout history there have been many examples of revolutions, usually there’s a battle or war involved. Webster defines revolution as “a progressive motion of a body around an axis.” Another definition is “a sudden, radical, or complete change, the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed or a changeover in use or preference.”

Most revolutions happen when people want a new leader because they see their country or organization is not heading in the direction they want; just have a look at what’s going on in Egypt and you get the idea of this. However, since we don’t have some evil hot rod ruler or warlord that needs to be overthrown, I think it’s safe to say that The Hot Rod Revolution is about something else. Judging by the cars and the people that turned out for this event, it is about high quality traditional hot rods and changing up things a bit in true revolution style, as this event sticks with 1949 and under only cars. This year that also meant changing the location, the event had been held in Northern California until this year when it was moved to Austin, Texas. It was held on the grounds of the now defunct downtown Austin electric power plant.

Now holding a show at an old power plant…shoot, it don’t get much more revolutionary than that.

Read more of this article in Issue 25 of Rod & Kulture Magazine.

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