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Brian Everett’s ’40 Merc

If you have ever wondered how cars like this Merc’ come to be that grace the pages of Rod and Kulture, then you’ve got to go back about 15
years. That’s when Brian Everette, possessor of a ’40 Mercury coupe, started discussing with Oz Welch the vision of building the Merc’
“Zephyr-style.” One can only imagine that the “What if’s” flowed freely among two very creative dudes, as Brian is a highly recognized
fine-line tattoo artist based in New Mexico, and Oz has earned his reputation by single-handedly creating customs with an identifiable

While it’s certain that the details of the vision changed frequently over the years, once it was agreed that talk would cease and
metal would crease, Oz set his skills to work. “It was about a one and one-half year project from the start ‘til the car had its debut at
the Sacramento Autorama in February (’09).” Oz recalls. “When the car came to my shop, the chassis had already been done (by Bobby Bradford), and the small-block Ford was in place. Since the suspension mods would have made the car appear to be six inches off the ground, the first thing I did was to channel the body over the frame about five inches to capture the right attitude.”

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