I016 – Issue # 16 – Circle City Hot Rods Model A – Back Issue


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It’s amazing sometimes what can and cannot survive the test of time in the world of Hot Rods. While certain cars just fade away never to be seen or heard of ever again, some old warriors live on the clues to their lineage left intact by sometimes unknowing Hot Rod owners.

When Curtis Murrell first laid eyes on his ’30 Model A Coupe he had no idea what an interesting road the old hot rod had already traveled. It was obvious from the drilled visor and blue plexi-glass windows the car had some history, and super disco-era interior with twelve speakers let him know this was one very unique survivor. The rest of the car didn’t tell much of a story as the original chassis and complete drivetrain had recently been swapped for a crusty original Model A Frame.

Read the rest of the article in Issue 16 of Rod & Kulture magazine.

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