I014 – Issue # 14 – Dragfest 2008 – Back Issue


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Issue 14 TOC

Dragfest 2008

There was
a time when going to the drags was inspiring. A time when you pulled
your daily-driven high school hot rod through the lanes, made a pass,
and went and chilled in the stands to watch the action until your class
was called again. There is a little patch of land in the middle of California
where this process has been repeating itself since the very beginning
of organized drag racing. A little strip of asphalt that, over time,
has become hallowed ground. Records have been set and broken, people
have been made into household names, and some have given up their lives
on this same stretch of pavement. Man and machine have been battling
the quarter mile and the timers for over fifty years. In those fifty
years things have changed. We thought it was time to bring things full
circle and pay homage to how they really were. We thought it was time
for Dragfest, and we were right.

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