I049 – Issue 49 – Jeff James’ 31 Ford Coupe





Photos by Trent Sherrill & Story by Brandon Flannery

These days it’s hard to build a standout car that’s “out of the box” without going too far. However, with the help of metal maestro Jesse Miller, Jeff James’ 1931 Ford coupe was done right. Aggressive elegance would be a good way to describe it. If the competition coupe style was around in the pre-war, art-deco era when automobile racing was still a gentleman’s sport, this is what you would get.

The coupe started in 2012 as a quick “in between” project while Jesse labored on Jeff’s ’54 Chevy (that we ran a while back) at his shop, Sacramento Kustoms. The coupe was vaguely listed on Craigslist as a ’31 Ford by a guy selling off 15 of his cars who said he’d have to dig it out and look for the title. The car had been stored in a metal Sea Train trailer since 1986.

Read the rest of the story in issue # 49

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